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[Review] Etude House Face Blur vs. Etude House Baby Choux in Peach Choux

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 I was asked to review Etude House's Face Blur and I decided to do a comparison between Etude House Face Blur and Etude House Baby Choux in Peach Choux.

Both are peach coloured primers which is used to brighten warm toned skin. 
Both are listed as 'Best sellers' on the Etude House Global so I thought it would be good to compare the two products on one review for comparison sake.  

Links to the products on the Etude House Global website here; Baby Choux and Face Blur.


 Face Blur

The Face Blur comes in a simple box.
 The product comes in a container, which also has a pump. I really like the pump because it's not only more hygienic but it helps control how much product you use. 

The packaging is pretty simple overall - the metallic label on the product is quite elegant and mature. 

This product only comes in one colour/type. (Currently)

 Baby Choux Base

The Baby Choux comes in a box as well and it comes in a squeeze bottle. It's convenient and easy to use. 

The packaging is super cute on this product and the packaging has an almost matte texture to it which does mean it'll show more dirt on it. The packaging features cute lace, ribbons and sweets on it, which is quite adorable but not over done.  

This product also comes in two other types, Mint Choux - which is for cancelling out any redness in the skin and Berry Choux - which is pale (pink based) skin tones.

This product originally released as part of the 'Sweet Recipe' Collection in 2013. It was originally released in a jar container however they repackaged it.


The Face Blur retails for US$18.00 for 35g / 1.23 oz. while the Peach Choux retails for US$13.20 for 35g / 1.23 oz. 
Both products are actually the same size. 


The Face Blur is scentless while the Baby Choux has a slight 'cream' scent too it that fades after it blends into the skin. 


Left product is the Face Blur.
On the right is the Baby Choux in Peach.

 Face Blur

 The face blur promises to;

- Covers pores and bumpy skin to make skin look flawless.
- Softening skin layer like filter effect to give smooth and even skin layer.
- Natural whitening skin to make dark skin look bright and cover imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.
- Baby pixcel powder and cover powder compounds give 3-in-1 multi filter effect like adjusting light on skin. 

The consistency of this product is just like a cream product. It's light in texture and it feels nice on the skin. It quickly absorbs and doesn't leave any sticky residue. 
In comparison to the Baby Choux it feels finer and softer but not a whole lot so. 

The Face Blur doesn't really blur the skin, but it does help minimize pores and and blemishes - it's no concealer however it does very lightly blur everything. If the product didn't say blur you wouldn't notice the blur - it's an extremely light blur that conceals minor skin problems like light pigmentation, redness etc.

I'm not sure if this is for everyone or just me, but I did find this product makes my skin look pinkish in tone. 

Baby Choux Base

 The Baby Choux promise to; 
Even out the skin tone and correct the colour of your skin. It leaves a matte finish to the skin as well. 

I would say that the product is super comparable to the Face Blur and between the two - it's hard to tell the difference upon first glance. 

The Baby Choux does leave a slightly pale film over your skin on it's not super ideal to wear on bare skin. 


Personally, I think both products are good and they both do what they say that they claim however I tend to favor the Baby Choux over the Face Blur simply because it seems to suit my skin more and it seems to last longer than the Face Blur.

The Face Blur has been quite raved about and while I do think it's a great product it's not 'the best primer' for me. 

I hope you found this review was helpful for you all. 

Let me know if you've tried one or the other - I'm curious if anyone else has tried both and which you liked more. 

Thank you for reading,
Berri Doll

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