Friday, December 6, 2019

How to Have a Relaxing, Peaceful Morning Routine

Here's how to have a relaxing, peaceful morning - every morning.

1. Get your belongings in order the night before.

Pack your bag, charge anything that needs to be charged and lay what you want to wear out the night before. Cutting down the time you have to rummage for everything will help make your mornings more peaceful and efficient!

2. Listen to motivational or background music you like.

I love to listen to back ground Disney Land music for a magical start to my day but motivational videos are great at boosting your mood and a great start to your day too. You can even watch aesthetic videos too.

3. Take time to plan your day.

Make a to - do list. No matter how mundane or simple it is - you'll free your mind from those thoughts and help remind yourself to do the tasks you need to each day. You don't need anything fancy of course - just a pen and a sweet notebook will do.

4. Give yourself enough time to get ready.

It's tempting to sleep in an extra five minutes but you'll be more thankful if you get up and get ready instead. Make sure you give yourself the right amount of time to get ready at a comfortable pace.

5. Consume what you like.

Eat and drink whatever it is that you enjoy in the morning. Ignore fads and start the day you like to!

Tell me - what is your ideal morning routine?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

Berri Doll

Friday, November 22, 2019

What's in my Everyday Makeup Bag?


Today I wanted to share every product that I use daily for make up!

I'm pretty loyal to certain brands and looks so my everyday make up can be a bit boring but hopefully you still like to see this type of post. 


I recently purchased this beautiful make up pouch while I was in Japan and it's from the brand Lodispotto. They had a beautiful selection of princess make up pouches and I had such a hard time choosing only one but in the end I settled for pink Aurora. Unfortunately, I did purchase the last Aurora one (at 70% off!) and the others seem to have vanished from the online store.
I used to use a rather large make up bag but I wanted to downsize and make sure I was only keeping on hand, what I really needed and used. I simply love how this displays on my make up vanity as well. 

A peak inside. 

Base Make up

I like to keep my base make up simple, I will use the Shu Uemura UV mouse as a primer but only if I will be wearing my make up for all day - this is currently a sample as I've decided to use up as many samples as I can before buying a new primer. I did use this product many years ago and I can see why - it blurs the skin really well and I feel like I need less product for it. I use Etude Houses 'Big Concealer' and I either use Etude House Double Lasting Foundation or Jill Stuart's CC cream depending on if I want more coverage or something lighter.

Face Make up

I don't use all these products all the time so even though it looks like quite a bit, I do use them as needed. I have been using this old Etude House Highlighter for many years now, I simple can't seem to make a dent in it. 
I have been using the Candy Doll shading powder and I think this is either my second or third container - I think I'll look for something new after this one. 
The Etude House shading and contouring sticks - I used to use all the time, however lately, I don't really reach for them unless I'm going somewhere more special and want to look more made up. I keep them in my make up bag because they fit for now. 
I use Jill Stuart face powder to set my foundation and I've been using this cute Jill Stuart blush recently, it's such a soft, light pink on the cheeks. 

Eye Make up 

I'm still using the brow product I got in an old make up subscription - I don't really do much to my brows.
I have my Dolly Wink eyelash glue tbh I don't wear lashes everyday, I can probably loose that.
I have two mascaras - one Jill Stuart and one Too Faced - because the Jill Stuart is brown and the Too Faced is black. Depends on the look I want, I might alternate.
3CE eye switch in double note - I use this to add a bit of sparkle on my eyes. Love a little sparkle everyday.
And finally, Jill Stuart Eyeliner.


I don't actually keep these inside my make up bag, but next to it. I have been using either these 3 eyeshadow palette's to create a naturally defined, wearable day look.


Other things I keep in my make up bag are the Urban Decay setting spray in Cherry and some Etude House Play 101 pencils. I don't reach for these items much at all but I still keep them in my make up bag, just in case I need them. 

That's pretty much everything - I realized I forgot to photograph my sunscreen too which I will apply before everything else. Sun care is very important! 

Thank you for reading my post!

Berri Doll 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Jill Stuart Royal&Urban Princess Holiday Collection 2019

Hello Princesses,

I received my Jill Stuart Beauty Royal & Urban Princess Collection this week and I wanted to share how lovely this is.
I always look forward to Jill Stuart's lovely Christmas collection every year and this year was no exception for me.
The stylish, yet elegant packaging was too hard to resist and I ordered mine from BonBonCosmetics as usual.

This years collection is harmoniously designed with flattering duskyand baby pinks to highlight a girl's prettiest features and make her even more captivating.
The collection includes, one six- colour set of eye shadows, one gel eyeliner in a reddish brown, an enchanting lip gloss and a highlighter face powder to compliment a dewy complexion.
The make up is ever so lightly scented with a wintery combination of vanilla and musk.
Even the exterior packaging all perfectly goes together and compliments the products perfectly for the most elegant looking dresser.

The eyeshadow palette has a big mirror and two little applicators. The 6 eyeshdows are in a variety of pinks, browns and smoky pinks that all look beautiful on their own or go perfectly together. You could create a variety of different looks from a casual, urban day look to an elegant eye perfect for a princess soirée.

The highlighter and face powder is so lovely. It's conveniently packaged to include a lovely, soft brush to apply with as well! You can carry this beautiful compact and touch up as you need through out the day.

The lip gloss is a brilliant colour - it will enhance you smile and laughter to wear such an elegant colour on your lips. The perfect day to night shade.

A burgundy eyeliner to softly enhance and draw attention to the eyes. It's soft red colour is perfect for the holiday season.

The vintage inspired make up pouch features a glittering floral design on the front and a shimmering back. The zip is adorned with a dusty velvet ribbon tied in a bow and a medallion with a 'J' for Jill on it. Almost too pretty to stay hidden in your bag - you'll want to touch up in public.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post on Jill Stuart's 2019 Christmas collection. Have you purchased one yourself?

Thank you for reading!

Berri Doll

Sunday, November 3, 2019

[Wishlist] Evelyn Autumn/Winter 2019


Lately, I seem to be window shopping online a lot and I thought that I would share some cute things I've been eyeing from Japanese brand, Evelyn. Recently, I've been enjoying more plain, simple (but still cute) clothing and I've been dreaming of owning more Evelyn in my closet.

I'm super curious on this coat. I don't typically go for coats like this however, I really like this design. Right now, the coat is only available online in white but I'm thinking I like the pink. I love how casual and not fussy the coat is. It's a great day or weekend option.

Left - Right
Annoyingly, both of these are currently out of stock. I love the left dress, it's so elegant and feminine. I like that it looks like a two-piece but it's actually all together. The right dress is so cute and girly. I love to contrast collar. The shape of the dress is very flattering as well.

Top Left - Top Right
Bottom Left - Bottom Right
Many tops of course! The pink ribbon cardigan is one I can't seem to make my mind up on sadly. I like it one minute, then the next, I don't need it. The pink top with the lace and ribbon collar are so pretty, I love tops with extra details like this. It would match my closet so well.
I don't particularly need a new knit as I have many already however, I do like the to refresh my collection with at least one new one every season - especially since I love to wear them so much.
The knit cardigan is simply darling. It's so cute and casual. I like that it's so high-waisted - you can really show off your skirt or shorts.

Top Left - Top Right
Bottom Left - Bottom Right
The shorts are so cute - my friend actually tried these on and they looked really flattering and comfy on. Bonus is they would look nice in other seasons too. The long skirt is something different style wise - these lace midi skirts are so fashionable right now, I kind of want to try it out. The lace on this skirt is so pretty. The middle skirt is that classic school girl look that I like. I don't think I'll ever out grow that look. The bottom left is a simple skirt but I think that it'll look nice in Spring and Autumn. The bottom right caught my eye for the shape and style. I'm not sure about the ice grey colour though. I kind of want to try it but I'm a bit nervous.

Bottom Right - Bottom Left
A pearl necklace is always classic and timeless - I don't think you can go wrong with something like this.
Both the belts are so cute and they're simple enough to pair with many different outfits. I like the girly designs a lot! I think right now, I'm leaning more towards the left design but they're both nice.

I think that's it lol. It's quite a lot but looking at this list makes me so happy. I hope you enjoyed peeking into my wardrobe wishlist.

Thank you for reading!
Berri Doll


Saturday, July 6, 2019

[Japan] Kamakura Festitval in Tochigi

Hi! Hi!

One thing I was most excited for this year was snow. I have never ever seen snow with my own eyes fall from the sky nor have I touched it or walked on it. My friend organized a trip to Tochigi to see the Kamakura (Japanese Igloo) festival.
It was a very long journey but it was so worth it.
We took both a train and bus to travel to our destination and it took roughly 4 hours one way. Our day started very early, I was still pretty tired so I didn't get too many photos of the journey but I really love the Japanese country side. It's so beautiful and peaceful.
The day was quite nice as well, it was cold but the sun was out and the sky was clear. A lovely day for exploring outside.

The train station had this cute fairy light display! It was slightly eerie as there seemed to be no one around at all.

The entrance to the Kamakura! The entrance fee wasn't too much luckily and you can spend as little or as much time inside. You can also come and go.

The buildings were nice and traditional looking in this area. It was so interesting to see the old style buildings. Plus all the snow was really pretty. As I said, I had never been to see the snow so it was so much fun to touch and see the snow.

Icicles! I was surprised to see them. They looked pretty but kind of dangerous. 

For lunch, we had to have soba  - as this region is famous for soba! I had a soba noodle and vegetable dish! It was super delicious and it was nice to have a warm meal after wandering around in the cold. 

This area is also famous for 'rice cake' - it was also delicious! The powder had a nutty taste and it was a little like peanut butter in texture. The drink is warm rice wine - a treat to keep you warm. 

It was a very long trip but it was so nice to get out of the city and explore the country for a little while. I got to try new foods, walk on snow and see something different from usual. What's a better way to spend a weekend? 

Thank you so much for reading
Berri Doll

Saturday, June 22, 2019

[Japan] Disney 35th Anniversary Celebration!

Hi Hi!

When in doubt, the best decision is always Disney Land!

One weekend I wasn't sure what to do, so I decided to travel to Disney Land and spend the day there. After all, what's a better way to spend a day than at Disney Land Tokyo?

It wasn't too cold this day (during the sunlight hours anyways!) and it was a very enjoyable day. I actually didn't purchase too much at all, I mainly went to enjoy the atmosphere and the parade. I do enjoy the parade.

It was my first time making my way to DisneyLand alone and it was surprisingly easy. I managed to find a way that was not too time consuming and didn't require me to travel in the wrong direction or for too long which was lovely.

I hadn't been to Tokyo Disney Resort since 2015 but it was just as magical and wonderful as I remembered.

I accidentally had some sort of 'bloom' effect on my camera. I didn't know until later in the day.

The entrance! 

Little Chip and Dale! 

The Tokyo Disney Resort. How beautiful and refined does it look.

My ticket featuring a happy Micky. I purchased my ticket at 7/11 the night before.

The 'entrance'.

I love the walk way to Disney Land. It looks like it's own little world, from a different era and place that I've ever been before. 

A mini Cinderella dress in the window! 

The cutest confections.

~Tale as old as Time~ I love Beauty and the Beast and this Display made me happy. I can not wait for the new Beauty and the Beast area to open at Tokyo Disney Land.

The centerpiece! How amazing is it? It looks like a Christmas tree~

Walt and Micky with Cinderella's Castle in the back ground. It was very overcast that day. 

The parade was starting soonish but I decided to treat myself to a little snack~ It's a magical churros! It was delicious and warm.

My view while I patiently waited for the parade to begin. I actually got a quite a nice little spot to view the floats. I actually took so many pictures and videos however I decided to be selective with my upload choices today. 
I really enjoyed the parade and I loved the song - It's been one my play list and I love starting my day listening to 'Dreaming Up!'.

Alice and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

And beautiful Minnie Mouse!

I was so delighted that when the parade stopped, the Disney Princess float in front of me! I can't believe my luck that my favorite Disney Princess was in front of me~ Disney magic!

Afterwards, I went to have some lunch~ I got the chicken and veggie burger set~ 
It was really delicious and I enjoyed it. The Mickey shaped buns are so cute!

Then I wondered around! I went on a few rides but I didn't take many pictures of those. 

Magical Cinderella's Castle~ I wanted to go inside this time but I left it too late sadly. They close the castle after the second parade so they can set it up for the night shows! 

 Pretty snap dragons! They're so vivid and well cared for~

After I went on my rides and walked around, it got very cold. I wasn't really planning on staying all day so after I had gone on most of the rides I wanted too (I couldn't find the Pinocchio ride this time lol) I decided to do some shopping and head home for the night. 

My purchases for the day. I didn't buy a whole lot as you can see. (Or maybe this is a lot for some people, I'm not sure) I bought the snacks to take to work and share with friends (I didn't eat them sadly, but I saw a coworker eat them and they looked pretty good!) I bought the Minnie ears to wear to the park whenever I visit. And the Afternoon Tea and Winnie the Pooh collaboration towels. I bought the hand towel for my hand bag and a face towel. I did (kind of) need a face towel (since I had one only) so it hasn't gone to waste and I use it bi-weekly. The hand towel for my bag gets used sometimes - I do rotate between a few but that's alright. It's nice to have a few hand towels.

I do hope you enjoyed my little post about my small trip to DinseyLand. I had a really enjoyable time. I always love DisneyLand!

Thank you for reading~

Berri Doll
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